Barcelona Rugs presents Trencadís, a new collection of modular carpets made from pre-consumer waste designed by the studio Nutcreatives.

Barcelona Rugs is a carpet and rug company which is a reference in its field with many years of experience and a wide range of clients both at a national and an international level. Due to one of their line of business – dedicated to carpet supply and installation – they are left with spare scraps from various materials of very high quality which due to their small size, have a difficult commercial exit. That is why they have collaborated with Nutcreatives, a product design studio in Barcelona focused on sustainability, to develop a product that turned these leftovers into elegant sustainable pieces that could fit in any space thus preventing them from becoming waste

Trencadís’ modular design gives it unique advantages.

Regarding sustainability, it allows for smaller scraps to be repurposed and moreover, the impact of its distribution is greatly reduced as the pieces can be stacked and fit in a standard pallet.

From the consumer’s perspective it leaves ample room for personalization. The Trencadís carpet can act as an understated, elegant addition by combining different textures of similar color, or as a statement piece by combining contrasting bold colors.

The shape of the pieces and the way they modulate allows for infinite combinations of different shapes and sizes. It can work individually or fill large spaces with 10, 20 or 50 pieces.
This allows it to adapt to any setting, including versions for outdoors made with materials suitable for these areas.

Therefore, we think Trencadís can act as a reference in its sector, due to its unique personalization capacity and a sustainable approach that is highly innovative in its industry.

Trencadís in the mass media...

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