The production process at Barcelona Rugs starts with an exercise of innovation that becomes embodied in the design. From here, our initial idea is put into the hands of the client, the absolute champion of the project, who guides us to deliver the personalized rug that fits in perfectly with their project.

The materials, the handmade techniques and even the final colors, are at the mercy of each specific order and the expertise that Barcelona Rugs brings. Throughout the process, we work together continually to ensure that we achieve the final desired result.

All our rugs are made with natural materials specially chosen for their quality. The results are unique pieces of art, exclusive and durable.

All our rugs are handmade, principally in India and Nepal by traditional artisanal craftsmen very representative of their culture. We do not work with standard sizes or products in stock. Each piece is designed and produced, solely and exclusively for each customer.



Wool is one of the most respected materials in the manufacture of carpets, and always has been. It has long-retained its popularity and has never gone out of fashion. This unique fiber is produced from the fur of several different animals and is very durable. Its infinity of virtues make it adaptable in all areas of the home. Among its most interesting qualities is that it is a very resistant, renewable and ecological natural material.

Wool serves as sound insulation reducing the noise that comes from the outside or from other floors of the home. It creates a warm family atmosphere. Wool regulates the temperature of the home, isolating the heat in summer and maintaining the temperature in winter. Wool imparts softness and comfort. It does not retain dust, it is very resistant to dirt and regulates humidity.

Merino wool

Merino wool is extracted from Merino sheep, highly prized for having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. It is the whitest, cleanest and most natural kind of wool. It stands out for its bright colors, curl, soft touch and light weight.

This material has the properties of New Zealand wool but has the added-value of being a finer material, more elastic and flexible but not less resistant.


Carpets made with silk are a very popular in high-end interior design projects. It has an unmistakeable shine, and is smooth with an extremely soft texture. It is a material that brings elegance and luxury to projects and imparts a soft and delicate feel.

Silk fibers come from silkworms and have a crystalline structure that refracts light and produces a bright appearance, adopting a hue that varies according to the light it absorbs. Silk carpets are usually made with a high knot density per m2, which brings much value to the final product.


Viscose is a fiber derived from cellulose and is very versatile. Its use enables the production  of very soft, smooth and comfortable rugs. It has a unique brightness that brings a sense of spaciousness to environments. They are ideal for both hot and humid climates.


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a material used in the manufacture of plastic bottles and resistant containers. This material is very easy to recycle and contributes to building a society oriented towards recycling and respect for the environment thanks to the consumption habits known as 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Rugs produced using PET have a texture and appearance similar to wool. They are very well adapted to outdoor conditions and enable us to transfer the charm of items such as summer rugs to our terraces and gardens. For this purpose, one of the most used materials in this area is PET.

Production techniques

Bellora rug – hand knotted

Hand knotted rugs are woven on a vertical loom on which the warp is pre-assembled. Each thread of the rug is held by a knot made manually on the warp and each line of knots is secured with a thread perpendicular to the warp (the weft).

Depending on the density of knots per square meter, the rug will have a higher quality and a greater level of detail and, consequently, a longer production time. Our rugs, depending on the complexity of the drawing, can be made with a density of 120,000 knots sqm or 80,000 knots sqm These densities allow us to maintain a balance between quality, definition and delivery time.

Ponent rug – hand woven

The hand woven rugs are made in a vertical or horizontal loom. The wave of the threads creates a small braid, a distinctive feature of this technique. The final look is a pileless carpet that offers the possibility of creating desings with great precision, such as dhurries or kilims


Barcelona rug – carving

We manually finish the rug as required by the design, using a scissor to profile specific sections or outlines of the design, to increase the feeling of depth and relief.

Fringes bring elegance and can even add the prominence to the design through the choice of color, material and the shape. In this way you can customize every detail of your rug.

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