General conditions

You can see our full general conditions in our current price list.

  • These general conditions are an integral part of all agreements to be entered into by us and offers made by us, unless explicitly otherwise stated by us in writing. All offers are free of obligation.
  • By accepting an order with us, the buyer is explicitly accepting our terms of sale, whatever other terms of sale may state.
  • The orders agreed with our agents or representatives will only be binding if they have our written confirmation.


  • Delivery time for Barcelona Rugs collection depends on the size and the stock available.
  • The delivery times are approximate. In any case we recommend that at the time of formalizing the order the estimated date of delivery is reconfirmed.
  • The delivery time can vary by the following factors: availability of looms at the time of order, local festivities, weather, transport and customs clearance.
  • Our performance of any part of a contract with you is subject to variation or cancellation and the grant of an extension of time due to any cause arising from a force majeure, war, strikes, monsoon, lock-outs, flood, drought or other cause of any nature whatsoever beyond our control or owing to inability and time to procure materials, labour or any articles at all and you agree to accept increased prices to the products due to any of the aforesaid reasons.
  • We recommend opening the package as soon as possible to avoid malformations in the rugs.
  • Transportation costs are borne by the customer. (Ex-Works).
  • Once the payment has been made, the client has 10 more working days to collect the order. Otherwise, we will charge a delay penalty of 10€ per day for storage. After 60 days, the merchandise which has not been claimed will become property of Maison Hogar Decoración, SL., without the right to refund of the quantity paid.


  • As all our rugs are produced on order and with specific sizes given by the customer, we do not accept any cancellation of order except within 48 hours of receipt of order. Cancellation registered later than 48 hours from receipt of order will generate an invoice for the full cost of the rug.
  • In the event that the buyer does not fulfil any obligation arising under the agreement and within the given timeframes, we shall have the right to suspend the (further) performance of all agreements entered into with buyer and/or terminate the agreement or the part thereof not performed.

Claim for defects:

  • Upon receipt of the goods check their correct condition and in case of breakages or anomalies, make it note in the delivery note of the carrier for subsequent claim, otherwise Maison Home Decoration S.L. will not be held liable.
  • Do not put weight on the wrapped or rolled rug. They may suffer deformations.
  • Open the rugs quickly at delivery of the same. They can suffer deformations.
  • Claim period for defects or defects: 10 days.
  • After 10 days, the customer will have to respond to all third party complaints. Therefore, after that period we will not assume responsibility for the product received.
  • These conditions shall apply only to goods delivered in the Peninsula, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.
  • Maison Home Decoration S.L. has a 2 year warranty. You will not be liable for any defects caused by misuse by the customer, or for a lack of necessary maintenance or care of the product, for not opening and unrolling the carpet quickly.
  • In case of return, Maison Hogar Decoración S.L. will collect the product in the same place where it was delivered by our company and only with the appropriate packaging and properly protected. In the event that the goods suffer some damage or deterioration due to mispacking the customer will bear the costs of repairing or replacing the goods.
  • In case of claims made under ExWorks conditions, the customer will bear all the costs of returning to our warehouses.

Reservation of ownership:

  • The delivered products are owned by Maison Hogar Decoración, S.L. until full payment of the order. In case the buyer sells our products, whether manipulated or not, the buyer will have to transfer to us the part of his sale, which covers his debt with us.
  • In no way can the buyer transfer ownership of unpaid carpets to anyone, leaving the product unsecured.

Exclusion of responsibility:

  • We shall not be obliged to pay compensation for any damage to business operations or any other damage suffered or to be suffered by the buyer as a result of delayed or defective delivery or defects in goods delivered, unless caused by malice or conscious recklessness on our part.

Applicable law and competent court:

  • Spanish law shall be applicable to all agreements entered into which are subject to these conditions. All disputes in respect of which court may be selected shall be exclusively submitted in the first instance to the court of Barcelona.

Maintenance and cleaning recommendations:

  • Consult cleaning methods for other materials and other types of stains.
  • Professional cleaning is not recommended for Hand Tufted rugs in silk or viscose. We only recommend vacuum cleaning.
  • For any doubt or clarification, we recommend you to contact a company specialized in the cleaning and maintenance of carpets and rugs.
  • No claim will be accepted for not maintaining or cleaning the rug in the specified manner.
  • We offer cleaning service. Check price and conditions.


  • The price of the shipment of the samples will be calculated with regular shipment. For express shipments consult transport price.
  • Check availability of samples from each collection.
  • Colours may vary from sample. Production tolerance 7%.
  • We recommend that you keep the sample updated and check the validity of the samples.
  • Maison Hogar Decoración S.L. will not take care of any tonal differences regarding the sample of our client if it is in bad condition, deteriorated or is based on an old unupdated sample.
  • The size of the sample is approximately 40×40 cm, according to the model. Request budget for other measurements.

Custom rugs:

  • We have designs and collections with a wide range of colors, materials and sizes.
  • We offer the possibility of combining colors, textures and materials, to further customize your rug.
  • We also make custom designs on a budget.
  • Colours and measurements may vary slightly. This variation is not considered a defect. Tolerance of 7%.
  • The minimum order is 4sq.m. For smaller orders, a 25% surcharge will be applied.
  • Irregular patterns, measurements over 400 cm wide and rugs with a surface area over 30 sq.m have a surcharge of 20%.
  • Please consult the price increment for special designs.
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